8 thoughts on “International Holocaust Remembrance Day

  1. It beggars belief but a recent poll showed that 1 in 20 in the UK either deny or believe the figures were exaggerated.
    There is a dirty little secret which folk in particularly Western Europe can get very upset about if confronted by it; 1,000 years and Anti-Semitism is still alive and well (any excuse will do to keep it going)

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    • Alas, yes, there seems to be both a push to erase the reality of the Holocaust altogether or minimize it (by denying, by refusing to teach about it in some schools, by the whitewashing of history) — not only by those who have a vested interest in minimizing the atrocities of Nazi Germany, but by those who prefer to not look into their own nations’ (or ancestors’) complicity, denial, or refusal to help those who fled the Nazis, and later those who survived them. For example, the heart-wrenching story of Exodus, the holocaust refugees’ ship that was denied docking at practically every European port (including those from which these refugees might’ve been citizens of before the war), and which ended up in a different kind of concentration camp behind barbed wire and guarded by armed officers, imprisoned by the British Mandate on the island of Cyprus. When one’s ancestors might’ve ended up benefiting from the Nazis’ awfulness (all too often local people had moved into the homes of their Jewish neighbors, looted their possessions and then pretended amnesia and showed hostility to those survivors who did find their way back to their hometowns only to find their whole world erased). These cannot be things people are proud to share, and so it is far easier to minimize, deny, distance, and pretend the Holocaust either did not happen at all, or “wasn’t that bad.”
      And, yes, centuries of Church and State mandated hate of Jews is still entrenched in some places, and sadly all too easily awakened by those of weak egos who seek to claim ‘superiority’ over others in order to feel marginally better about themselves.

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      • This is very true. There is no one nation, nor people (with maybe the exceptions of aboriginal folks living in isolated areas) who do not have dirty little episodes they would rather have talked about as it spoils their ‘noble’ folk history.
        I could get into serious trouble in the UK by going onto a few left-wing leaning sites where raging against the (corrupt, which it is) govt of Israel has morphed into an assault on the entire nation and those who support it (ie by default every jew is under suspcion). Yet by asking about the stand against Assad of Syria; the war in South Sudan, the 120,000 who have died in the Philippines in an insurrectionist war;. I will be told has I have done to ‘stay on topic’ and not to indulge in ‘whataboutism’ (its the latest denial word).
        They will puff out their chests and say anti-Israel is not Anti-Semitism. And yet you ask them if they support Da’Am Workers Party (a jewish/arab hard left grouping) and there is an embarrassing silence; which is odd because IF they care so much about the Palestinians you would have thought for dedicated left-wingers Da’am would be one of the first go-to-places.
        Oh no. Let’s suspect all Jews and those who stand in defence of them; that’s so much easier…it’s in the blood.
        (That was one of the problems I had with converting to Catholicism a prayer albeit well-meaning that all Jews would see the light. My wife born Catholic told me in her childhood the term ‘perfidious jew’ would be used in prayers).
        When it comes to protests against regimes, I don’t do ‘selective’ or ‘fashionable ‘
        Intolerance by anyone , is Intolerance and it corrodes.

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