A Home For Joey

joey at the beach InbarAsif

Photo: Inbar Asif


He did not know how to play

But they knew he’d be


He was scared of every thing

But they knew that he was


He had to learn life from scratch

But they knew they’d love him


He’s the sweetest boy there is

Even unsure how to


And whether he’s a bit autistic

His kind of love is


He is now a happy boy

Who gets his life to




For the Sunday Stills Challenge: Pets



8 thoughts on “A Home For Joey

  1. lovely just lovely. a great tribute to all those dogs who have been rescued and all those who help rescue them. They are so forgiving and all have some spark and good inside that is worthy of being treasured.

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    • Thank you! Yes, a lot of the pets in shelters did nothing wrong to be there (just as most children in foster care or institutions did nothing wrong to be there) and need homes and healing for their adversity and patience and care and a lot of love and special attention to their specific needs. The vast majority of people (and pets) are good and forgiving and have a spark of good and all are worthy of being treasured. Great comment. Thank you!

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