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It was a thing they would not utter. Ineffable. In their home, at least.

So much that it baffled them to see how others in their own homes — and often without a moment’s hesitation — did.

To them it felt impossible. Dangerous … though they wouldn’t dream admitting fear or conflict.

Those, too, were taboo. As was to contradict.

Their parents’ word was law. Speak “No”, and you would certainly be whipped.




For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: ineffable in 70 words


16 thoughts on “Unspoken

  1. I have been stuck on this prompt so I’ve read all the submissions so far…
    I like this and it makes me think of a friend, who, when she came to our house for supper was awed by the noise of us all talking over each other as in her house, silence was the rule at the dinner table…

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    • Thank you, Rochelle. Children SHOULD be allowed to bicker and wisecrack and experiment with dissent and conflict (and its resolution). It is indeed very sad when they are robbed of that to give adults an illusion of power and control. Alas, this used to happen and still happens to too many. I’m glad that some of the anguish of that got communicated.
      Off to read yours!


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