A Heart, Missing

Heart Yael Yehuda

Photo: Yael Yehuda


There stands the empty crib

The room that will not hear

The sounds of cries or coos or laughter.

There are the walls,

Fresh paint

Fresh pain

For the awaited,

For a broken chapter.

A heart


Breast and breath

For an eternity of loss,

Till the hereafter.



Note: Dedicated with love to all empty-armed mothers (in all their manifestations and realities and outward presentations), on this Mother’s Day.

For Debbie’s One Word Sunday: Missing



17 thoughts on “A Heart, Missing

  1. Beautiful. After we lost Austin, I would sit in his room, feeling so bereft. It took me a month to wash his little pile of clothes. I had no idea Mick would go in there daily, grab it all up to his face and breathe in his scent. He near about killed me when I did …

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    • I’m so sorry. And I send hugs. Because time does not heal all, even if it allows a breath from perspective. I’m sending extra hugs to the you you were at the time, and to Mick.
      May sorrow be held.
      The least we can do, I think, as a society, is talk about it and not turn our gaze (and conversation) away from these realities, especially on days like today, where for so many it is an and/and multi-layered day.

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      • Don’t be. Life throws all sorts of things at us and we deal as we deal and we grow and we learn to appreciate all the things little and big.
        If one believes that stuff, Mick and Austin are together.
        I’ll never forget, though. I was pregnant for him for the first Mother’s Day (so not “eligible” and he was gone before the next one. It was a surreal time.

        And now, I sit here typing to you and smell the delicious smells emanating from the kitchen as my sons make me brunch 🙂

        Life is good.


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      • 🙂 Life IS good, as it is a collection of and/and realities. And, yes, I believe that loved souls find another in the after, and that Mick and Austin are together, perhaps adding a special spice to the Momma Day brunch …
        We don’t forget, do we? And that is part of the tapestry of life that we do not–the good and the not so good, the lovely and the decidedly not-lovely, the hope and the hardship and the rising above and the moving forward–it makes it into who we are. For good or bad. And in your case, I KNOW, for good.
        Enjoy BBTB (Brunch By The Boys) as my friend with triplet sons calls her Momma Day tradition … (when they were younger she’d have some back-up waffles in the freezer, just in case, given how … um … relatively inedible some ‘creations’ ended up being … ) 😉

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