shadows AtaraKatz

Photo: Atara Katz


Their shadows walked ahead

Tasting paths

Testing light

Traveling a step


Their feet

Pressed footprints

And memories

Into sand.



For the Lens-Artist Challenge: Shadows



12 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. Touching written. Imagining my life as a footprint in the soft sand of eternity, a strange feeling of transience creeps up on me. I love the scene in The Neverending Story of Michael Ende, where the old Fantastica was almost wholly lost. The Childlike Empress and Bastian were alone in the dark. And with them a single last luminous seed from which Peregrin emerged, the Night Forest and a new Fantastica. I prefer to see my life and its track as such a shining seed, as part of the elements that can become something new after me.

    All the best to you


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