Frozen In Time

Old Poland OfirAsif

Photo: Ofir Asif


They stand frozen in time.

Carving long blunted by

Wind and the loss of names

No one is left

To own,


Or understand.


They stand frozen in time.

The saplings reaching up

To the heavens

The only sign of what

Even death cannot




For the Sunday Stills challenge: Frozen


8 thoughts on “Frozen In Time

    • Thanks, Terri!
      The image was taken at an old Jewish cemetery in Poland, where not only are the graves old, but almost all of their descendants have been massacred by the Nazis, leaving practically no one to care for the headstones or clear the undergrowth.

      I found the image hauntingly sad. The neglect reminding of the circumstances that would allow these people’s history — if it were not for those who seek to visit the remnants of Poland’s Jewry and document places like this cemetery in photos — be almost erased.

      At the same time, the saplings, though they represent the lack of human care at the cemetery, brought up for me the reality of regrowth, and of the connection we all have that goes beyond the names and exact lineages: we are all the carbon, we are all the oxygen, we are all the same water molecules that have recycled again and again on this earth … transcending any artificial divides of nationality, race, religion, species, or time.

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    • Thank you, Susan! For the kind words and for the thoughtful comment.
      Yes, it is so sad that so many have been decimated by the Nazis that almost none were left from the descendants of those who are buried in this old Jewish cemetery. May we never forget.


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