three line tales, week 158: a border with a barbed wire fence

Photo: Robert Hickerson via Unsplash


They brought them in at dark, under the covers of secrecy and night.

Children, torn from loved ones, placed behind barbed wire, watched by burly guards.

“Your fault for coming,” they were told. “And now you’re too much work to reunite.”



For Three Line Tales


11 thoughts on “Unworthy

    • Thank you, Dale.
      The cruelty of first ignoring all professional admonition that removing already traumatized children from their asylum seeking families will be traumatizing and will have long-term adverse effects; and now turning around and claiming that to RETURN the children to their families will be ‘too distressing’ … is just breathtakingly ugly to me.
      Let alone that it is:
      a. Being claimed not out of any care for the children’s welfare (and not following actual trauma professionals’ input) but in order to hide ineptitude, corruption, trafficking, and the reality that many more children were removed than the administration wants to admit it hurt or even knows the whereabouts of), and
      b. Claimed in sickening pretense of care after these children were being told – by the very people who tore them away from their families and those who ordered it done – that their families didn’t want them anymore, that no one is going to come for them, and that they are nobodies.
      It takes my breath away and breaks my heart to shards.
      As you can see, three lines were just the beginning.

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