Through The Night

nailed amitaiasif

Photo: Amitai Asif


They gazed forlorn

Into the light,

Into the lumber

Burning bright.

All that they’d known

Before this plight,

Now kept them warm

Through heartache’s night.



For Sunday Stills: Night

*Dedicated to all who’d lost homes, lives, memories, and loved ones in fires and other disasters.


16 thoughts on “Through The Night

    • Thanks, Hugh. So many people I know were affected by disasters (and some lost homes in the fires in CA this year) … and I’m sure there are many many who know others who’d been affected. Yes, our planet (and the humans on it …) can cause and/or escalate disasters. May there be the least of those as is possible. Na’ama

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    • Thank you, Terri. Yes, it’s been devastating to many. A friend of mine lost her house and everything in it. They only had time to take the pets they could find (one cat must have gone hiding and they couldn’t take more time to search for her–a whole other heartache).
      I know people who’d been displaced, and then there are all the other terrible disasters that all too many have to deal with. I’m glad that the better human nature also emerges in times of hardship–most people ARE good, and most will help a person in need.

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      • It’s bad enough when ‘we’ loose a few items by accident, imagine it being multiplied over and over and over when everything is gone

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      • Exactly. I have friends who lost everything in the California fires these past few months. They had gotten out with their lives and very few possessions. A couple of years before that, my aunt lost her house and all that was in it, including a few heirlooms her father had managed to save from the Holocaust, and the very few photos of him, to a devastating fire. She wasn’t even at home at the time, so all she had on her was her purse and the clothes on her back. The grief is not just for the house, and the memories (of her children growing up in it, of her late husband and the years they had together there), but for the things that one cannot replace: photos, mementos saved from important times, a life time. People rebuild, and she has a new home now, but the loss and grief remain.

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      • That is a dreadfully sad tale Na’ama, memories will stay in the head and the heart but the important tangible links to those memories can be replaced. They are a death in themselves.
        Fortunate you are if you live in a ‘placid’ area where the worse might be the odd tile coming off the roof, a soggy garden, your plants drying up in the heat or once in a while having to dig your car out of the drive way snow.

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      • Yes, it was very sad.
        And, yes, those of us who ‘suffer’ the odd inconvenience of something broken or ice to clear up or droopy plants in the heat are very fortunate. There are many who do not have a roof over their heads or plants to water or a way to meet the challenges of the seasons.

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      • Indeed. And folk living in relative comfort wonder why people make dangerous journeys to seek out better lives?
        They should be careful it never known when it might happen to them. Comfort is conditional

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