9 thoughts on “If You Create

  1. It’s probably easier to be positive and loving than negative and hateful, but when if it’s sometimes more difficult, the effort is worth it! The harsh word, the sarcastic tone, the angry retort each take a toll on our peace of mind. And the pain they can inflict may surprise us. “I didn’t mean any harm” we may complain. “I’m not angry at you,” we may say, denying our hostility. But even the nonverbal can read a hostile tone of voice, and cringe. Thanks for this, Na’ama.

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    • Yes, it is worth the effort! We’re human, and we may all get angry, fall into sarcasm, offer less than kind retorts … But it is still important to repair, to return to care, to aim for kindness. We’re all a work in progress, after all. Hugs!

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