Perspective …

Life rushes by.

Essential tasks tick looming.

Hardly a single second left to breathe …

Slow down … take heed …

Even in the midst of chaos,

the heavy endless canyons of dark asphalt,

and sky-high gray concrete,

even in the angry honking of a thousand yellow taxis,

in the press of harried people on the streets,

in the tasks that frustrate waiting,

in the overwhelming wish for time and needs–

Pause now.

Find perspective.

Take a moment.

Change your point of view to rise above

and slow the moment’s speed.

It’s there. Believe.

Even in the concrete jungle

There’s a wide green lung

Awaiting, present; a potential reprieve

A slower pace

A gentler space

Reminding you to pause and breathe …

nyc from above

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