Not Disappointed


Cape Disappointment (Photo: John Westrock on Upsplash)


The damp timbers creaked under her feet as she wondered if the fog would lift. She half-hoped it would not.

She was still small and timorous when her uncle had brought her here for the first time. “And you won’t be disappointed,” he had laughed, the lines about his eyes creasing in merriment.

It was only later that she understood his joke. It still made her smile.

Indeed, she loved Cape Disappointment. Even in the fog. Perhaps especially in the fog, in its unique magic. She’d read that almost a third of a year’s hours are spent in fog on the headland, masking rivers, hugging sand.

A gust of wind dripped cold into her collar and she laughed. Her uncle used to shake a branch onto her. This felt like a gift.

“You were right, Uncle,” she wiped a tear. “This place did not disappoint. Neither did you. Not once.”



For What Pegman Saw: Cape Disappointment, Washington, USA



31 thoughts on “Not Disappointed

    • I’m so glad you liked the story!
      I haven’t myself been to that part of fantastic yet, but I hope to be soon. What I have been to, which perhaps has some of the same ‘feel’ are Maine beaches in the fog, and a cloud forest in the mountains of Thailand last summer, and the feel of it has a sense all its own. It could almost be a different planet and perhaps it is …
      Now I wanna fly across the country to visit Cape Disappointment, which I KNOW would not disappoint!


  1. I live in the Pacific Northwest. Bellingham, WA, just below the Canadian border. You captured the love I feel for this area. Some of my favorite days are filled with fog. I love the relationship between the uncle and the woman through time. The memories.

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    • Thank you, Alicia! I’m so happy I was able to capture this — I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest (well, when I have, it was for a conference and back to the East Coast with only the promise of another trip where I’d be able to actually visit!), so my mist-muse is based on fog on the beach in Maine and the cloud-forest in the mountains of Chiang Mai.
      And, yes, I love fog, too. There is a mystery and connection in it that reminds me that all water molecules have once been all of us … and again, and again, through the miracles of time.


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