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Perhaps they did not know when it would come, or what it would require to what end. But they had to know they’d face the crucible that will reveal a moral fiber, if they had one.

They’d have to choose then: good or bad, peace or harm, truth or falsehood.

It would appear an easy choice, to go for better judgment. And yet they had so tangled themselves in the net of lies, that extrication meant losses they weren’t quite prepared to reap. Not when they hoped for revenue from crouching behind flags of insurrection.

They capitulated.

Dark history, revisited.



For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Crucible in 100 words



Vis-à-vis a Viscera

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Do not ignore your gut

When it propels you

To speak, to act

To take a stand

And live a truth

Fed by moral fiber

Of empathy

And kindness.

Follow the visceral


To eliminate

In better deeds

The glittery lure of




Intolerant effluvia.



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