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Perhaps they did not know when it would come, or what it would require to what end. But they had to know they’d face the crucible that will reveal a moral fiber, if they had one.

They’d have to choose then: good or bad, peace or harm, truth or falsehood.

It would appear an easy choice, to go for better judgment. And yet they had so tangled themselves in the net of lies, that extrication meant losses they weren’t quite prepared to reap. Not when they hoped for revenue from crouching behind flags of insurrection.

They capitulated.

Dark history, revisited.



For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Crucible in 100 words



22 thoughts on “Tested

    • Yes … though I worry that the twisting of reality is already in motion, and that those who should have learned from it, did not (as evidenced by over 140 people voting in favor of the false reality that led to the deadly insurrection mere hours after it took place)

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    • Yes, we can hope that this is so. I’m certainly ready to see this as their hitting bottom. Alas, there is much to worry still, not only from the ongoing incitement and from the votes of so many mere hours after a deadly attack, to continue and support the opposing of a fair and free election (for some of them, essentially having the hypocrisy to claim fraud while accepting their OWN election by the very same ballots!) … but the complicity of some in the police and department of defense, and the reality that so many in the very Congress he’d urges his mob to attack, aren’t willing to take any steps to ensure he does not inflict more and worse harm …
      But, I am an optimist, and I also see ordinary people across the spectrum of American society speak up against this, call this “too far” and vote for democracy and a functioning government for the PEOPLE in a few days …
      Hugs, my friend …

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    • Yes, I think it has come as a shock to many. Probably shouldn’t have, given the incitement for violence and the rhetoric and the normalization of ‘big lies’ that led to this … and is still supported by too many in the very Congress that was attacked.
      Where I don’t agree is where it comes to futility – alas, history has shown us that coups can happen, and that sedition can destabilize the best democracies, and with disastrous consequences. I hope that the complicity will be addressed and that the work will be done to help bridge the gap between people and to deprogram those who’ve been conditioned to accept one man’s imagined reality over all facts and evidence. Tender times, these!
      Here’s to hope and humanity and truth and democracy. Na’ama

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  1. Nicely done, Na’ama, as shocking as it is. Unlike many of your commenters here, I am not optimistic about avoiding serious and even more deadly internal conflict. They went home thinking themselves heroes. They’ll be back.

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      • We needed the military defeat of the Axis Powers in order to make those realities (still doubted by so many) clear to history. History is always filtered by those telling it.
        I agree with “…that we do all we can…” not to just try to stop it. We should not confuse effort (try) with success.

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      • I don’t know what we need, but the ‘all we can’ must not include violence of any kind. Effort is important. Truth is important. Humanity is important. Discourse is important. Respect for facts is important. Where it goes? History will show.

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      • I am reading a war memoir. I saw this:
        “A quad 50 was basically an anti-aircraft and anti-armor gun that was adapted to this use with intent to mow down dozens, even hundreds, of insurgents at a time and neutralize a ground attack of any size.”
        I wish you were right, Na’ama, but history says otherwise.

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      • I respect your right to have a different view about what where your boundaries are. I realize sometimes violence is used. Sometimes it may even be impossible to not use. Where each of us put the boundaries of that may differ – between people and even within the same person in different circumstances. I’m glad you abhor violence. It is always, in my view, a good North Star.

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