Silly Billy

GuardDuty SmadarHalperinEpshtein

Photo: Smadar Epshtein


Silly Billy was too chilly

So he too a little nap.

Silly Billy did not really

Think it would cause him mishap.


Frilly Tilly woke him shrilly

And with very little slack,

Sent him home and told poor Billy

That he isn’t welcome back.





For the dVerse poetry quadrille challenge: silly

Note: I find this photo too delightful to use only once… So if you think you’d seen it before, you are not imagining things …  🙂


Sentry Lesson



“It isn’t armor that makes one a good kitchen-window sentry,” he instructed the younglings during a quick peck break.

“Is it the blade?” piped Pepper and stretched a leg to critically eye a very immature spur.

The bird clucked fondly at the chick. Always the feisty one, Pepper was. Last to emerge from the egg but first in every yard-race since.

“No, Son,” the quail stretched tall. “It is all in the plume. Once it grows, hold it high, bob it well.”



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