The Raise



“Will you stop it already?”

Davie swallowed a sigh and lowered his eyes. He was making them stick out like sore thumbs.

“Only tourists and amateurs look up,” Bessie admonished, kicking a dry piece of sidewalk gum. “Real New Yorkers have already seen everything.”

Perhaps, but he had yet to. And he wanted to notice. Everything. Who lived in the tall building? Whose shoes were tied overhead? Why? Was it a memorial? A gangster’s territorial?

“Raise plow,” he read, imagining. He was looking up again.

“If we’re caught,” Bessie hissed,”the only raise you’ll get is welts from belting.”



For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers

Photo prompt: © Roger Bultot


34 thoughts on “The Raise

  1. Na’ama Y’karah,

    It’s a challenge not to look like a tourist when you are one. 😉 Bessie’s certainly passionate, isn’t she? I am curious about the “Raise Plow” sign myself. Fun story told with dialogue.



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    • Ah, glad you liked! Yes, I am guilty of probably looking like a tourist in my own city sometimes, given how I love everything interesting … 🙂 And … I probably can put on the ‘disinterested NY’er if I need to.


    • Ah, one does wonder about that. Perhaps runaways from an institution or a ‘reformative’ school, perhaps from an abusive home. Perhaps from a cult or restrictive group. Either way, it seems something one would be keen to avoid being punished by. Perhaps they are also taking care to not call attention to themselves lest they be returned to wherever it is they fled from.
      And … yeah, I’m with the ‘see everything’ crowd. 🙂


    • Hard to avoid pooping pigeons in the city. And … looking up risks getting poop in your eyes … just saying … 😉
      But, yeah, looking around is good. Just not thinking it’ll save your hair from being fertilized by pigeons … 😉

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    • Thanks, Margaret! Glad the dialogue worked! 🙂 Now, which one of them did you relate to more? A kid I know likes the gal, thinks the dude is too mushy to not get them caught. Another kid I know thinks the opposite, and that a strung up girl is more of a tell-tell. 🙂


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