Claire Fuller (7)


“You aren’t seriously going to do that.”

One could debate which was opened wider, Bella’s jaw or her eyes. She did have enormous eyes. People sometimes said they took half her face. I used to think it an exaggeration, but looking at her now, I was no longer so sure.

“Am too,” I kicked one of the tires. Part for emphasis. Part to check the resistance.

Definitely Bella’s jaw. Definitely more than half her face.

“Good for the planet. Also, if a gal can make a dress out of meat, another gal can make a prom dress out of tires.”




For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers

Photo prompt: – Claire Fuller


31 thoughts on “Attired

  1. Na’ama Y’karah,

    She’s going to be the talk of the prom that’s for sure. That might just go beyond my sons’ outfits for their proms. My eldest and his date bought clothes at the thrift store and then she embellished them with matching trim and lace. I believe they both wore combat boots. My youngest had an Elvis influenced powder blue tux with black trim made. His shoes were pristine black and white Chucks.
    At any rate, enjoyed your fashionably late story and its brilliant title.



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    • LOL! I’m so glad you liked the title! It gave me a chuckle. And … LOVE the ideas of your sons prom outfits. People take it utterly too seriously instead of having fun with it. Which it seems they did!!! I’d totally be on the thrift-store-plus-embellishments-with-(colorful)combat-boots wagon!

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  2. What a fun story! I can imagine the dress could have looked spectacular, especially if sprayed with gold and silver paint. The panels of the dress could have been assembled with rubber adhesive rather than stitching, which would have given an interesting drape to the dress. I guess the big problem would have been the smell. Or, no, the feel, hot and clammy against one’s skin. Ugh!
    Great take on the prompt. Your description of Bella was spot-on, too.

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  3. Wonderful. I’d like to see the result, too. I’ve seen dresses made from recycled material on the internet here and there, and it’s a great idea. Prom kids being a bit more eccentric is much more fun than the formal, expensive, boring same-old, same-old.

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