Reality Check


The audience filed in. Excitement filled the air. A buzz of swishing coats and hushed conversation. Flash of cameras.

A few fans sidled reverently to the still-empty stage.

“I see his water bottle!” Millicent pointed.

“I know!” Brenda answered breathlessly.

The two grabbed hold of each other, starry-eyed with anticipation.

Their idol.

They could hardly believe they were about to breathe the same air as he.

A curse sounded. A figure stumbled into sight. Two men rushed behind to all but drag it back offstage.

“Could it…?” Brenda whispered, crestfallen.

“No!” Millicent demanded. “He won’t. Let’s find our seats.”




For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers


39 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. Oh dear! I see what you mean about us using our “buzz” words 😉
    And, how crushing to witness their idol… ummm… not at his best, shall we say?
    Like you, I can’t understand the unreasonable crazy people go to when it comes to a singer/actor/name it they revere. Mind you, my right hand did touch Tommy Shaw of Styx back in 1981(ish). Didn’t stop me from washing it later 😉
    I so love this! You have captured that well.

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    • 🙂 Thanks, Dale! Yeah, I’m with you on this. I can admire good art, I can REALLY admire great talent … but it does not mean I think that these artists or singers or musicians or movie stars are anything but human, fallible, with good days and cranky days and not-at-all-great-choices and loves and not-so-loved and a need and right for privacy besides. The whole fawning fan thing is difficult for me to truly comprehend. It is one thing to appreciate, respect, even admire some traits in another, but the god-making-complex?? Nah. Not for moi.
      Hugs!! Your NYNF


    • Thank you, Laurie … perhaps it’ll serve as a bit of a reminder that we’re all humans … but, yeah, disillusion can be tough, perhaps especially for younger persons who still get utterly starry eyed. 🙂 Glad you liked this!


  2. Great piece…. Ditto for what Isadora said about idol worship. Appreciating a great musician/artist is one thing, putting them up as a idol is another. Never went that far that I can remember… well, in my early childhood I had a “thing” for Spock, but who didn’t. Not worshipping them saves the heartache when you realize that they are just human beings the same as anyone else. Love this piece, though. Great story.

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  3. Na’ama Y’karah,

    One thing’s for certain about idols…they’re apt to fall. I’ll never forget the fury of the Bible belt when John Lennon quipped that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. My best friend at the time renounced her fandom. (I didn’t 😉 ) I’ve never understood the screaming and fainting of the rock fans. Sit down, shut up and let me hear the music.
    There…see what you did? You got me started. Well written as always.



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    • They have always been simply humans, but yes, between the pandemic forcing everyone home and away from splashy sets and make-up artists, people are more easily seen as just the humans they are. And that is one silver lining of this pandemic, IMO.

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  4. What is it with idol worship? Especially when we’re young. But, our “idols” will let us down…because…well…we all have our faults. Not superhuman. I had a few when I was younger and now shake my head at my insanity. =) Your story expressed the phenomena so well and I really enjoyed!

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    • Indeed, my question, too! 🙂 I don’t know what makes people worship others this way, but it seems to be prevalent enough (in politics, too, alas), that it is probably part of some people’s personality or need (especially but apparently not limited to the immature … some seem to never outgrow it …). Glad you enjoyed it!


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