(Photo: Isaac Holmgren on Unsplash)


When all was said and done,

There was no question

Of whether or when

Or why,

She would be expected

To abide by all

The rules they had

Intended to


The law was set.

The outcome clear.

She was to follow

And adhere.



For the dVerse quadrille poetry challenge: abide


28 thoughts on “Compliance

    • Yes, it can of course be the legal system, but might also be the ‘system’ in many cultures that call themselves ‘conservative’ and in effect control women (and other vulnerable persons) in a way that is meant to withhold certain people’s freedoms under the guise of ‘laws’ or ‘morals’ … I think that complete compliance to ALL rules is rarely needed, and is different depending on the circumstances. For a time, it might be relevant to curtail some freedoms as means to help save lives (e.g. mandatory evacuations ahead of a disaster, or blackouts during a blitz …) but those are rarely meant to be blanket compliance forever. At least, unless in dictatorships (of any size…). But … yeah, this can also be applies in other situations, more widely, at least as far as people’s perception of compliance (and what it is done for) may entail.

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    • Yes, it would fit very much the reality of arrange marriage, and/or of restrictive ‘conservative’ groups and religious dogmas, where women are tightly controlled and their rights curtailed. It can also be a view into cults and dictatorships where complete compliance is the only thing allowed.


  1. Compliance equals incarcerated (of all sorts) for so many. I like the almost staccato feel of this – it makes it even more clear that this is not her choice at all.
    As always, you do a fabulous job!

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