Do Or Die


(Photo: Brunno Tozzo on Unsplash)


There were no two ways about it. The situation was dire.

He pressed his weight onto the box to seal it.

Nailed it shut.

He stood back then to admire his handiwork.

A wall of boxes. Most of them no longer wiggling.

It was do or die.

And it wasn’t going to be him who did the dying.




For Sammi‘s Weekend Writing Prompt: Dire in 58 words


24 thoughts on “Do Or Die

    • Yeah, so dark it caught me by surprise! Then again, when there are realities of people who would destroy others and justify it as ‘necessary’ if they believe themselves slighted and who care naught about the cost to anyone but themselves… I guess there’s fodder for all kinds of stories to come out of the woodwork, eh? 😉

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