Worse Things


“At least you got a day off and a pedicure out of it.”

There was no mistaking the jealousy in Marianne’s voice, and Belinda glanced at her scowling co-worker before returning her gaze to her toes. She had an urge to wiggle them but thought the better of it. It’ll hurt.

“I guess I did,” Belinda responded. No use adding that she ‘got’ pain out of it, too, and the sorrow of forgoing dancing at her sister’s wedding. Marianne will only make it a competition of misery.

There were worse things than torn ligaments.

She could’ve been born as Marianne.



Photo prompt: © Susan Eames

For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers


41 thoughts on “Worse Things

  1. “A competition of misery” is a weird thing isn’t it. I guess it’s easier than feeling sorry for someone else.

    I don’t know what it’s like to be born as Marianne, but I know those torn ligaments are no joke. I tore all mine in my right ankle at 18, and it still hurts sometimes especially if it’s folded in one position for too long.

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    • LOL, yeah, oy the stories! We do all probably know a Marianne (by any name), whose victimization and suffering and ‘I have suffered more than thou’ is an incessant misery-competition. Tiring, often, so Belinda did what she had to do. She’s still sorry that she didn’t wiggle her toes, though … 😉

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