What She Left


(Photo: Sergiu Vălenaș on Unsplash)


There was not much there for her to


A bit of lore.

A song no one had sung


Handwritten maps of forest paths

That others were likely yet to


A man’s sweater someone must have left


Assorted photos of odd things,

Like stumps of trees

And rocks

And feathers that her favorite cat would


There was not much for her to


But what she had,

All could concede,

She loved and therefore

Was itself

A gift

Of life well-lived.


For Sammi‘s Weekend Writing Prompt: Bequeath in 85 words


30 thoughts on “What She Left

      • Yes, we should… but I dunno. I had a guy tell me my Instagram picture was crooked – he sent me a dm with my picture straightened out… I was rather insulted because who’s to say I didn’t choose to have it on a slant? I responded with: Who is not minding his own business… not something I usually do but I was taken aback.

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      • I hear you. There’s a way, and then there’s a way. Your way was perfect. As was ceayr’s. 🙂 And, just because someone thinks something needs changing doesn’t mean one ought to change it FOR them. That would be as if you’d change the poem FOR me. I wouldn’t have appreciated THAT! Noting what we noticed and gently asking if that was meant as it came out is the perfectly friendly thing to do. I totally get why you’d be taken aback with someone assuming you needed it fixed for you. xx


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