Take No Chances


It was best she took no chances. She knew how it could all turn on the smallest thing. The tiniest omission could spell disaster. Wait, better not even say that word. Best not forget the salt. She did not want to let misfortune in.

She hurried to and fro, assembling, braiding, tossing, turning. Now, where was that garlic? Best peel a few more cloves.

Whatever bad things had potential to upset this, she was not going to allow them to. Not on her watch. Not in her house.

Not when her in-laws were coming to dinner for the first time.



For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers



60 thoughts on “Take No Chances

    • Or … she was just cooking … 😉 and the anxiety may have been about her in-laws being super picky and judgemental … 😉 (and if so, perhaps that recipe needed a bit more garlic, though I sure hope she didn’t over do it … 😉 )
      But, yeah, her hubby best be a buffer for her, for those are HIS parents he is bringing in … 😉

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