Photo: Ibrahim Rifath on Unsplash


I put down glue to ick their feet –

They collected twigs

To cover it.

I placed a swivel-headed owl –

They watched,

Then perched right on it.

I hung CDs on a dental-floss line –

The pigeons shrugged,

And pulled it.

My peristeronic battle is at impasse.

I call it truce.

I know I’m beat.



For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: peristeronic in 53 words



26 thoughts on “Truce

  1. Good one, Na’ama (of course).
    Our mocking birds (and pigeons we call white-wing doves) were persuaded by the spiked obstacles I placed on my mail box to dissuade their droppings.
    But occasionally they land there, just to mock me. It’s what they do. πŸ™‚

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  2. Better pigeons than crows. A friend of mine has lost the battle with the crows who attack her if she tries to go on her balcony.
    If your pigeons could, they’d surely give you the finger…

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