Not Out Of Joint



The farmer pruning rows of trees,

The seller in the market.

The hens that daily lay their eggs,

For tomorrow’s nest (or basket).

The driver navigating streets,

The postman carting packets.

The parent shepherding a child

In mask and zipped up jacket.

The nurses, doctors

Plumbers, pets,

Who have become our mascots.

The slower pace

The seeking gaze

In meetings held in tablet.

The smaller gifts

That bloom in hearts,

As parks in flowers blanket.

The ebb and flow of day to day

The births, the hope, the caskets.

The love that feeds

The good of deeds,

The evenings’ clapping racket.

For as so many things are stalled,

Kindness grows in ranking,

And we are really not at all

Out of joint in thanking.



For Linda Hill’s SoCS writing prompt: joint



13 thoughts on “Not Out Of Joint

    • Indeed! 🙂 And I’m so happy it spoke to you, Mary – there are more good people than not-so-good people, and overall, I’ve seen persons help each other wherever they can, especially when they have a tangible way to do so. It is something to remember during difficult times. I’ve seen NYC rise up to the challenge again and again and again. You can see humanity all over the world being capable of it (even if there is a minority of people who prefer isolation and insults to action and compassion, they are a MINORITY, and they hold no power if we do not give it to them). Take good care and stay healthy and thank you for this comment!

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