Red Sleep

Red and Eucaliptus InbarAsif

Photo: Inbar Asif


He lay himself


On the ground.

Stripped into

A fraction of his

Former self, yet

In his memory

A giant


And let the blanket of


Caress him

Through to the

Other side of life,

And into the






For the dVerse poetry challenge: red




23 thoughts on “Red Sleep

  1. Na’ama, did you make that look like a knife on purpose (that’s what it looks like to me)? There is a certain ambivalence I feel when reading this one. The poppies look peaceful, but there is an underlying air of hopelessness to it.


    • No, not on purpose at all, though interesting that a blade is what it appears it can look like. My original wording was for the log, returning, bare, to the ground, in a field of red (not poppies but Anemones, by the way). As I wrote, I was also thinking of some of the realities faced by all too many these days, for the frailty at the end of life. Acceptance, more than hopelessness, though perhaps there is that, too, for all too many. Thank you for this comment. End-of-life, be it by illness or old age or the combination, is such a complicated reality – and often holds ambivalence – and the world is facing it in ways it perhaps hadn’t for some time.

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