Magic Man


Photo: JK Monument, Brasilia; Maurilio Quadros on Unsplash


“Why is he up there?” Santiago shaded his eyes against the glare.

“To be close to the angels,” A-avó said.

“Isn’t he already dead?” the boy asked softly. He didn’t want to offend his grandmother, whose age seemed close enough to dying.

“Ah,” A-avó shook her head with sorrow. “He is with Jesus now some years. But he kept many from joining Heaven too early.”

The boy’s eyes lit with curiosity. “Did he do magic, A-avó?”

“In his way,” the old woman nodded. “Magic enough to me. Your O-avô would not have lived if it weren’t for President JK bringing medicine to us who lived in the country. The malaria and the tuberculosis would have taken your O-avô. As they had taken mine.”

Santiago thought of how it would be for him to grow up without the man he loved. “Obrigado,” he bowed to the statue.

“Good boy,” A-avó smiled.




For What Pegman Saw: Brasilia, Brazil


20 thoughts on “Magic Man

    • I know! I learn new things every day, and I like the “what pegman saw” challenge in part because it has ‘taken me’ to places I’ve been to, and places I haven’t been to, and places I’ve never heard of before. Fascinating little planet of ours, isn’t it? So many places and people and cultures and stories and histories to learn about! 🙂


  1. I don’t know about this history, but from this snippet I would say this is magic enough for me, as well, and worth elevating the statue high into the heavens. I learn so many interesting bits of history and culture from what everyone else does with this Pegman challenge, how wonderful!

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  2. What a lovely story. You’ve written it with great simplicity, which is totally appropriate for your characters. And your characters are considerate, thoughtful people, so we like spending time with them. Very heartening, Na’ama!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay, Penny! I’m so glad you liked them! I find that most people are likeable, especially the kind, gentle, considerate ones. 🙂
      Take good care, and stay well, Penny! These are very unusual times … NYC is not-feeling-like-itself, even as it is also exactly itself …


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