Slip Slidin’ Away

Photo prompt © Rochelle Wisoff-Fields


Now that it was time, she couldn’t get herself to do it.

The ice around her heart mirrored the slick coating on the deck, the driveway, the car. The accumulation of cold thinned. Her resolve cracked.

It dripped and melted into tears where the memories took hold. Where the sweet moments were as real as the many that weren’t.

Perhaps she should just wait longer. Hope for spring. Pray for summer’s warmth. Forget the frozen tundra that their relationships had become. The hurt. The broken bones.

The more she was nearing her destination, the more she was slip slidin’ away.



For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers


Bonus track of the song that played in my head as soon as I saw the photo:


37 thoughts on “Slip Slidin’ Away

  1. Wonderful take on the picture and the song melted together. The reality of the closer she gets to getting away the more she is slip-sliding into an altered reality of her memories resonates with me. I like how you described “Where the sweet moments were as real as the many that weren’t.”

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    • Thanks! It was the first association with the photo, and the story just followed, then I had to (of course) listen to the song, and HAD to patch it onto the post.
      Yeah, it can be hard to get from the ‘need to do’ to the ‘actually do’ phase, even for less significant decisions … and doubt knows to worm its way, especially through what some Inuit call “rotten ice.” Oy.
      I’m glad this worked, though!

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    • Thanks, Rochelle (I think … 😉 ) – I am not sure it is a good thing if you need to go warm up … BUT, I hear ya, and … isn’t it amazing how the photo’s first association was this song? (or maybe not so amazing, given that my behind had met the slippery ice in a resounding way in the past … it was NOT fun!).


  2. I like the structure of this story. You start with the woman’s hesitation, and you finish with it, but in between you tell us such a lot about her and her relationship. I would guess that her experience is common for many in abusive relationships.

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    • I think you are right, Penny … and that there are many who can relate to this, on one level or the other — many abusive relationships are complicated, and ambiguous, and filled with ambivalence … Hesitation is part of the what makes support so important!


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