Wait For The Light

Photo prompt: Dale Rogerson


“Can we go to the playground, Mama?”

The woman stroked the small forehead to compose herself and smiled into the over-bright eyes. “It is the middle of the night, Cara.”

“Can I see?”

The woman tucked the blankets under the child and lifted her. The bundle in her arms felt devastatingly like the infant Cara had been a handful of winters ago, and heartbreakingly almost as light again. She turned so her daughter faced the window.

“It’s dark,” the girl sighed. “I’m tired, Mama. Maybe I wait for the light?”

“Yes, Cara,” the mother whispered. “We wait for the light.”




For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers




49 thoughts on “Wait For The Light

    • Thank you, Rochelle. Yes, it is a heartbreak, any time it happens. I know some families whose children were in hospice (some at home, some in hospital), and I can’t imagine a harder thing. May we none of us have to be in that position, and may those who were, know they are seen and heard and may they never be in that position again. Ever.

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    • Yes. I think it must be one of the most painful experiences indeed. I’ve known some families who’d endured it. It is heartbreaking even from a distance, let alone when it is one’s own reality. I hope the light comes peacefully, too.

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    • Thank you, Susan. I think these kinds of devastating realities are recognizable to many of us (even in hopefully not in 1:1 similarity), and so those with open hearts of empathy ‘feel’ the sorrows even in few words. It is a duo kind of thing, writing and reading, conjuring and having it be seen ….
      Thank you for reading and commenting! Na’ama

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