The Key

The Key SmadarHalperinEpshtein

Photo: Smadar Halperin-Epshtein


The key to every

Good adventure,

And a day out

To sights see,

Is a how to prevent a


By finding a good place

To pee.




(Note: I know I took some liberty … with the concept of “the key” … And, yes, I’ve used the photo before, but sometimes you just got to have another ‘go’ … πŸ˜‰ )


For the Tuesday Photo Challenge: Key


25 thoughts on “The Key

  1. Love it. And as a walker of the wilds (okay, make that rural areas) finding somewhere convenience is often a trial. Though over recent years many a church has offered comfort, not that many a church is open outside of the Sunday worship…. a penalty of an increasingly pagan country, and pagans use hedges (as churches) πŸ™‚

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