Thailand Playground

Playground2 AdiRozenZvi

Photo: Adi Rozen-Zvi


It does not matter

Where you are:

Jungle, mountain

Old or new,

Plastic, wood

Or bamboo, too.

There is play here

To be had

If you wish to …

And you do.



For Terri’s Sunday Stills: Playground



8 thoughts on “Thailand Playground

    • Thank, you, Terri! The most amazing thing about this playground was that it was not some prop, but the day-in-day-out playground for that village, set as it was by thatched roof huts and rice paddies and foot paths. Children played there. Climbing the ladder and sliding on the holey-wood slide that looked to offer more friction than slip, and pumping their legs and hanging on their bellies on the plastic-rope swings, every movement shaking the whole structure. This was a playground alive, even as it was also oddly solitary, too.
      Thank you for this great prompt. 🙂 Always happy to participate!

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