The Fifth

Me-age10mos-story telling

Me, telling stories at 10 months


Fifth of seven, all girls, I was born

Telling tales.

Far enough to duck rules

For first, middle, or last,

I grabbed place

To be me

And held on

Talking fast.


As what shouldn’t be


And real life wove


Words remained


In my soul

In my brain,

To be clasped

And sustain

Life and joy

Times again.



For Terri’s Sunday Stills Challenge: Fifth


12 thoughts on “The Fifth

    • Thanks, Terri.
      I’ve always loved this photo for how accurately it portrays me from ions ago to these days … telling stories and observing humanity’s interactions from then on to now … 🙂
      Not all of it was easy (well, a lot wasn’t) but all of it is fodder for life and stories and an inner thrumming of language as a way to express it. I wouldn’t change a thing! (Well, those chubby cheeks and thighs, though, I do miss them sometimes … Oh well, I guess SOME things must change with time … 😉 )

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