Photo prompt © Sandra Crook


He retreated to behind the fence during low tides and sharpened his claws on the aging timbers. He nursed his rage on fantasy and fed his fury on abandoned sea-foam. Some days the seething rose a hurricane that only freezing wind subdued into a smolder. He hissed. He breathed. He knew. He waited.

The time would come.

Waiting both allayed and fanned his urgency. He scraped his restless agony into the wood, that hewed abomination they’d forced onto his bay to tame it. As if it, he, could be. Tamed.

When time returned he’d vanquish them and show no remedy.



For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers


35 thoughts on “Fury

  1. Na’ama Y’karah,

    He sounds like a fearsome sea creature. I love “nursed his rage on fantasy.” Brilliant line. Time to gather up my beach towel and go back inside where it’s safe from him. Well done and welcome back.

    Shalom and Happy Pesach,


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      • Yeah. I tried to peek in and post here and there but for the most part I could not make it work, so writing had to be put on the side for a tad. Now I’m back (and yesterday had me a bit of a post-party with four posts to make up for the drought … ;)). Also, being jetlagged makes it harder to do actual WORK (ya know, go over hundreds of emails, respond to queries, sort out my thoughts from the muddled addled foggy brain-cells of an overtired, overdone, not-quite-landed-fully-yet body …). So I play. It’s also called procrastination, but hey, I did unpack my suitcases, so that ought to count for SOMETHING! 😉 xoxo

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      • So I saw 😉 And commented on – most of ’em, anyway…
        Ugh. Nothing worse than returning to work whilst jetlagged.
        Naww… you CREATE! Some call it procrastination but they know not of what they speak. xoxo

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      • Yeah, I saw you saw and it made me smile (especially as I know that the frequent-postage can have its drawbacks … 😉 ). I am not actually fully back to work till Monday, which is how I’d planned it, knowing that my little body requires a few days to catch up with the spin of the planet and the fatigue of travel and being-out-of-one’s-own-bed for three weeks straight. That said, I do have some work-that-is-not-quite-outright-work to do in preparation to returning to work (makes sense? perhaps … but if not, I blame jetlag …). So I aim to do more to clean up my desk (metaphorically and otherwise) but it won’t happen today, given the mush in my brain and the sticky connections between cells in my noggin. Playing with words notwithstanding, I’m leaving work for later … CREATING, eh? Ok! Me like that. We creative folk need that in regular doses, and I’ve overdrawn on my energies without filling up my creative tank. So there’s that which needs time to fill up, as well, I suppose. Here’s to writing to right one’s battery! 🙂 Hugzees!


      • Yes. It absolutely positively did make sense! Is that scary in and of itself?

        Smart woman. Taking the extra time to recuperate from your getaway.
        Yep. We creative types do need that in regular doses.

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      • Scary? I donnow … Fascinating that my nonsense formed some kind of possible meaning? Fabulously remarkable signature of your intelligence. 🙂

        Yeah, I’ve learned to at least try and be gentler with myself and give some time for things to settle and for the routine to become real again following re-entry.

        All the nonstop engagement through days of teaching and other days of being ‘on’ and the person everyone seeks to spend time with (which is absolutely lovely and loving if potentially tiring in ongoing doses, especially when I seek to spend time with people I rarely have the chance to physically spend time with, too … even while I cannot really see all I want to see or spend time with all who want/wish/assume/prefer/plan to spend time with me …) — It all of it needs some down-time to allow changing gears and for stuff to percolate, even without 7 hours of jetlag and weeks or less-than-regular-sleep and some family drama and a body that can be a bit finicky about such disruptions.

        It is all for the good, and if the rainy dreary day makes re-aligning my circadian rhythm a bit trickier given the absence of sun … well, it only means a slower day spent in pajamas and dabbling in a bit of creative marinade.

        Three weeks of accumulated emails awaiting attention will just have to become three weeks and a day. Or two.
        It’ll all sort itself out, sooner or later.
        And … plugging back into the creative socket will make it sooner.


    • 🙂 Ah, well … then this entity’s mission is perhaps achieved … 😉 Though, I do hope that after you thought twice, you’d still visit the shore, for not all shores have furies awaiting under docks (I hope … 😉 )

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  2. Wow! Powerful imagery here, Na’ama! Really visual and strong. I wondered what no remedy meant… vs no mercy. It seems like a sinister being, who would show none. Chilling.

    Apologies, I’m late to everyone’s stories this week. And last. And probably the next couple of weeks! 😉

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    • Hi Dawn – I am happy for comments from you at any time! No time limit on those! 🙂
      As for the fury … yes … not the kind of thing I’d wanna meet in the dark (or in the light, for that matter).
      “No remedy” was a feeling that the fury meant to leave no way to make amends, as well as no way to mend (remedy) what would happen once it unleashed … It includes no mercy in it, for to destroy/obliterate with the intention to allow no repair is to show no mercy, in some ways …
      Again … yikes, eh?
      Thank you for taking the time to comment!

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      • I’m glad for the opportunity–I’m always interested in knowing what images, feelings, associations … and, yes, questions … my writing brings up. Sometimes these lead to excellent opportunity for me to clarify, or revise, or find blind spots in my writing. It is a fabulous gift to have the writing community be part of one’s readership, because who better to raise a question than another writer? I didn’t hear it as challenge or correction, though either of those would’ve been acceptable, as well, in the spirit of the ongoing process of writing! 🙂
        Glad for this discussion!

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