A Bell To Tell

bell boy SmadarHalperinEpshtein

Photo: Smadar Halperin-Ephstein


What lesson does history tell

Of shattered bits,

And scratched on bells?

Can peals of old

Be heard

Be said

So we not ruin

What’s ahead?



For the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: History


20 thoughts on “A Bell To Tell

  1. This reminds me of a country town I visited in Australia. It was the site where Japanese men were interned during WW2 (a strange practice that hopefully never happens again) They staged a breakout but it was not successful. After the war the people of the town expressed great remorse and declared the town to be a place of peace. The Japanese presented the town with a huge bell that is called The Peace Bell.

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    • It is possible, though there certainly seems to be resistance to learning history’s lessons (and in some case, to even allow people to learn them — when chapters of history are removed or pushed under the rug or outright hidden or denied), mostly by those who stand to gain from history’s lessons NOT being learned …
      That said, we can each do our part, I believe, to help history be known, to let history have a voice, and to do better about not repeating it. It’s a process, more than an event, IMO.
      I’m an incurable optimist … I think Humanity can do a lot better than it does, and that, already, is an encouraging thought.


    • Yes, the world has a lot to learn from History yet, and from its better nature. We’d had more than enough of the least-best nature by now.
      And … healing and reparation and empathy and friendship and real peace are all possible, though they do begin with taking responsibility, accepting the pain caused, and working to repair what can be repaired, physically and otherwise.
      We can do it. If we choose do.
      May more choose care over cruelty.


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