Not Yet History


Photo: Tomasz Mikolajczyk on Pexels


“Are these from olden times?” the boy’s eyes were round with wonder.

“Not so olden,” his mother sighed. “We have some in our bomb-shelter. Everyone was fitted with a gas mask during the Gulf War. We had to carry it everywhere. Even preschoolers like you.”



For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Mask in 45 words


14 thoughts on “Not Yet History

    • Alas they are not always vestiges …. and there are still places in the world where the risk of chemical attacks and the realities of its awfulness remain a very real-time risk. Nonetheless, yes, they are always a mirror of villainy and suffering. I hope one day they will not need to be used, and those of us who had to don them in the past under the whistles of warheads and screech of warning sirens will know that no one will ever need to, again.

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