Water Weave

drenched NaamaYehuda

Photo: Na’ama Yehuda


And the clouds


To ocean

Weaving rain

Waves to sky

Kissing veils

Onto mountains

Drenching wet

Speeding by.



For the RDP Daily Prompt: Drench


8 thoughts on “Water Weave

  1. Hi Na’ama, What a dramatic photo. It goes well with your poem. I was wondering if you could send me the links to your ebooks again. I have been ill so it has taken me until now to get around to buying one but I can’t find the message where you gave me the details. I am wanting to buy on kindle. I hope this isn’t too inconvenient. Thanks -Suzanne

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    • Hi Suzanne, Thank you for the comment about the photo–it was a stunning evening in Ko Samui and the photo does not do justice to the actual magnificence but I am glad some of it came through!
      For my books–not a bother at all–I’m glad to!
      You can find all of my books under the “Publications” tab on my website or just go directly here: https://naamayehuda.com/publications/
      Each book is listed with clickable links to purchase, including those that can take you directly to Amazon.
      Hope you are feeling better–I’m so sorry you’ve been under the weather for so long!


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