Life’s Elixir


water land NaamaYehuda

Photo: Na’ama Yehuda


In the cradle of life

Where all breathing


Rocks the ebb

Of all else

That we are

Deep within.


For the Sunday Stills Challenge: Water


6 thoughts on “Life’s Elixir

  1. Water in all of its forms must be one of the most inspiring elements on Earth! Such a beautiful photo, Na’Ama, and I love the poem inspired by it! Thank you for your consistent participation in Sunday Stills and with your original poetry–makes the challenge very special!

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    • Thank you, Terri. Perhaps it is so because if it weren’t for water, we would not be. … I have just returned from one of the many places where one cannot take safe drinking water for granted. It is a poignant reminder for those of us who are afforded that ease at the turning of a tap. So your prompt was ever relevant!

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