Rawson Rise

Rawson Lake Photo by Jack Ng

Rawson Lake; photo: Jack Ng


It was their last day by the lake. The weather was perfect and the air was so crisp it squeaked. She inhaled deeply, savoring every moment. By that time tomorrow she’d be stuck in rush-hour traffic.

“See?” he pointed. “Even wood can’t keep its head above water at some point.”

She snuck a hand into his and squeezed. She wished she could give him sips of this place during what was to come. She wished she could tell him this round wouldn’t be as difficult as the ones before. That this one would work. She didn’t know if to hope or fear it being the last. It shattered her that she no longer knew what he hoped for.

She gathered the light around her, kissed his baldness, and rose to stand.

“For now, my love, let’s float.”



For What Pegman Saw: Rawson Lake Canada


30 thoughts on “Rawson Rise

    • Thank you!
      So many of us had encountered variations on loss and the succor of nature. I’m glad this resonates.
      Re: Pegman … I’ve stopped by once (or twice?) before, and I plan to continue to do so once in a while — this is a fun and unique challenge!

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  1. You’ve written a terrific story. Great description, wonderful construction and full of emotional depth – the ambivalence of both characters in the face of certain suffering and possible death for him. Very, very good indeed.

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  2. wow – your writing is nice and has your flair – fav line here was this:
    “Even wood can’t keep its head above water at some point.”

    but the cohesive piece has me hoping for the best for them

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  3. Lovely sad piece. What is it about Nature’s rich austerity that brings us to such serious reflections on existence?
    Loved many of your phrases, from “air so crisp, it squeaked”, to the poignant “it shattered her that she no longer knew what he hoped for.” Well done.

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    • Thank you! Yes, I think nature can crystalize many a feeling. Maybe it is that some places allow us to reconnect with our connection to all there is, or quiet out mind enough to help our heart take center stage. Beauty in of itself is moving. Thank you for your comment and interesting perspective!

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