Mind Travel

LuckyCoffee InbarAsif

Photo: Inbar Asif


How does time spiral on itself

Even as it unfolds to expand


How do the faces that your mind recalls

Rekindle scenes that take you


And how do those refill your hand

With all of what you’re working


Maybe it is all as it should

As long as tender hearts reflect their kindness




For Cee’s Share Your World Challenge

6 thoughts on “Mind Travel

  1. It is strange how our minds remembers faces. Sometimes in meditation faces pop into my mind that I can find no context for. Who are they? Faces I saw once in a crowd?

    • Indeed so strange! Brains and minds are fascinating! As someone who has some difficulty keeping names woven to their respective faces, I’m almost always choosing to just confess that I KNOW that I know them, just have no clue how … I can only imagine the jigsaw puzzle pieces in my early memories, faces floating bereft of names all along memory lane. …

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