Bubble Point

bubble point

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When the time comes

To opine


(And their current deep dearth),

Let it be known

There’s no option

For hiding in bubbles

Of privileged stealth.

Make it clear

There’s no air

And no vistas ahead

Till we muster the courage

To reclaim truth instead.




For The Daily Post

8 thoughts on “Bubble Point

  1. Dear Na’ama: I love the way you are using your blog (Is that what it is??) to make political statement. PS I hate tweets! Thank you. TS


    • Hi TS, I think we all should use what means we have (and what speaks to us) to express our thoughts and feelings. Sometimes these touch on the political, because politics are interwoven into so much today that it is impossible to not have a view point. If what I write resonates or makes people think or even disagree (respectful disagreements are absolutely fine with me and can be a place for minds to meet), then we can have discussions that will already move things into better places. As for ‘to tweet or not to tweet’–isn’t it great that we have more than one option for platforms?! 🙂


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