Not Irrelevant

chartzit OfirAsif

Photo: Ofir Asif


Do not let anyone tell you

That kindness

Is a privilege

For other times.

Do not let anyone convince you

That truth

Is peripheral

To the necessity of

Getting some things done.

Do not let anyone berate you

That hope is


And you are somehow


For holding on

To empathy, veracity, civility, belief.

They are all







For The Daily Post

4 thoughts on “Not Irrelevant

    • Thank you. My nephew took it. As for your post, I think religion is complicated and the concept of God is just as varied. I don’t know that I could boil it down to your conclusions in your post but discussion of religion, spirituality, God, goodness and morality is a fair one to have, whether we agree with each other or not. And yes, kindness matters. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. The photograph, how appropriate it was for this verse. The hanging petal showing the degradation on life. The verse, relying on the input of other to determine what is of value assumes the same. Both are able to overcome, one is assured!. Will it be two? Thank you for sharing.🌼🌹🌺

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