In The Balance

cupped AmitaiAsif

Photo: Amitai Asif


As tensions hold

The edge

Between manageable

And overwhelmed,

Between spared

And flooded,

Be tender.

As scales tip

To potentiate


And fluctuate

From safe

To calamitous,

Be kind.

Remember how

Critical times

Hold within them

The balance

Of rebuilding

On the fabric of


And profound




For The Daily Post

2 thoughts on “In The Balance

    • Thank you! I felt the image of water–in this case the trickle of clean, naturally rock-filtered water in an underground cave–was a good metaphor for both the inundation by floods and the paradoxical lack of clean water in so many places. The balance that is so delicate in all of us and in the world around us. We can none of us live without it. Too little and we drought. Too much and we drown.


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