Mini Picasso


“This is a big big big mountain and it have a train and it go ‘choo-CHOOOO!’ round and round and also flowers but you see them fast because it a train and rainbow and my name.” (J.N, age 3:4)


mini picasso



For The Daily Post

6 thoughts on “Mini Picasso

  1. I felt my chest expand and tears of awe spring to my eyes. I think I’m feeling such gratitude and appreciation for seeing this imagery and words together. I’m realising how rare it is that we pause and look and listen to the world through the eyes of children – and how much is asked of them, to learn to speak ‘our’ language and communicate ‘our’ way … which may be so narrow compared to the rich and multi-toned, multi-texture experience of their inner world. I guess I’m wanting this world to have deep respect for children, to hear and value their communication … in whatever form it takes. Thank you for sharing this. I’m inspired to feature it as tomorrow’s visual meditation.

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