Please Be There


Photo Credit: A.A.

Please be there

For the hope

For the plans.

Please be there

For the trials and the errors

The triumphs

The sorrows

The fumbles

The sighs.

Please be there

For the small things

The bigger,

Stay dialed in

To moments long gone,

To those still to come.

Please be there

In awareness, in person,

Pay full mind

To this life.

To your life’s


You are one of a kind.


For The Daily Post


7 thoughts on “Please Be There

    • I love pomelos! They are great! Just make sure to peel off the membrane on each segment before you eat them. You can use the peels to make candied citrus peels (soak them in water several times first to remove the bitterness, then cook in sugar water). Used to have a tree of those in our yard. Still buy them often.

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