People’s Climate March

People’s Climate March NYC — Adam Smith

Today, in NYC

And all around the world

The People’s march

For Climate, for

The world

That we live in

For the children

To whom we will leave it

For the living beings

That need to breathe

And feed

And grow.

One march

One purpose

In New York City

In Paris, London, Amsterdam

Sidney, Stroud, Zurich

Genoa, Rio, Rome

Melbourne, Munich

Brussel, Brisbane, Berlin

New Delhi, Kathmandu, Canberra

Huddersfield, The Hague, Hyderabad.

A People’s march

For the climate

For the blue marble

That holds us all together

On its surface

And that we must hold dear to

In our doings

In our hearts.

2 thoughts on “People’s Climate March

  1. Thank you for poetically and beautifully marking this amazing event! Such an important time for our planet and a much bigger turnout in NYC than even the organizers hoped. Buddhist monks and nuns, college students, brokers, working men and women, children, seniors, labor unions, Native Americans, celebrities, environmental heroes, and even the Secretary General of the United Nations put feet to pavement to commit to addressing climate change. If not now, when?


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