Deep Down, There is No Difference

each other

Because a baby


is all human potential


into hope.

Because a smile of open joy

is recognizable

without the understanding

of a single word.

Because the tears of pain

bleed heartache in all languages.

Because no outward space

or god or faith

bestows on some

more air to breathe

or right to love

and caring growth

than to the babies of others.

Because indeed

deep down

and in all the places that matter

there is

no difference.


5 thoughts on “Deep Down, There is No Difference

    • Thank you, Lynette. In these tender days, I find that sometimes all one can do is hold on to Truths that connect, rather than separate us. I have not seen a baby yet that I did not find lovable and worthy. It is what guides me. May hope hold strong when hate rages on.


  1. Very well said! Thanks. Hope you are doing okay with all the pulls and worries of your heart.

    Much love, Adele

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  2. I love these powerful words, so eloquently composed, so clear and getting right to the heart of the problem between so many members of our human family. Poets often chronicle their times, and you are speaking for us right now. I heard a BBC interview last night with a poet tasked with sharing the horrors in El Salvador, who called herself a “witness.” You are able to be such a one for us today. Thanks you, and bless you!


    • Thank you, Sonnische. It helps to share words, it helps to re-name truth, so often missed or minimized or hidden under fear or anger, need for power or agendas. All it takes, really, is to see a baby, and I know. KNOW. That there is no difference. Never was. Hugs, Na’ama


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