Courageous Connections

PNG cross OfirAsif

Photo: Ofir Asif


Like a rickety bridge

Over fast,

Troubled water,

Calm your heart

As you cross

To what awaits

Being told.


Trust connections

You fear but

Cannot test or


With no promise

They won’t pull away,


Or fold.


Like a rickety bridge

Over fast,

Troubled water,

Take a chance,

Make a step,

And weave new paths

To your old.




For the Tuesday Photo Challenge: Connections


As We Continue On

Second life DvoraFreedman

Photo: Dvora Freedman


Our lives are partially the story of others, interwoven into our own. In the good and the bad and the things that time may shift to someplace in between. We are who we let our story make us into. Like the seasons that spin about us, we recycle some bits of our story and reuse other aspects to rebuild or grow from. Through it all, our lives crease along the odd and unexpected, yet are fed by the mundanely profound interactions that form the backdrop to the breaths we take, each day, each moment, as we continue on.


For The Daily Post