Singled Out



He didn’t mind.

Not really.

She tossed him out, she did. A punishment. For being “self-absorbed” and “unmotivated.”

Fair blame, it was. If needing quiet time was selfish, and if not finding it important to climb the never-ending escalator of social comparison, spelled lacking motivation.

Emily liked that stuff.

He did not.

A mismatch more than an actual problem.

For him.

He’d have to find better insulated housing before winter. But in the interim, the camper offered everything he needed.

Shelter. Nature. Quiet. Calm.

Perhaps he’d send Emily a thank you card. Next time he was in town.



For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers

Photo prompt © Bill Reynolds


37 thoughts on “Singled Out

  1. An interesting take on the prompt, Na’ama.

    Sometimes I struggle with how couples manage to stay together, or even find each other at all. But every good comedy team needed a straight person for the act. 🙂

    Well done.

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  2. A bit like me telling someone I’m content… they never seem to see that means that I am happy with where I am at that particular moment. Not a lack of motivation, or an indesire to move, just a knowledge and wisdom that I am where I am for the time that I am there and that is good.

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    • I agree, Brenda, and I am totally more toward his view of life (though, I do like me my critter comforts of running water and heat in the winter, so … a camper wouldn’t QUITE do it for me, unless in a pinch, I guess. And … to be fair, I’d rather sleep in a camper, by myself, than be forced into a pressure cooker of trying to catch up to the Joneses, which I never found to be a particularly endearing societal aspiration … 😉
      Glad you liked!

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