Nana’s Will



“So how exactly will this work?” Maria scanned the detritus left by the fire. Remains of a lifetime of work and investment. Gone. Shards and a handful of charred pots. Is all.

“We start from seed, as it were,” Steve pressed. “We get Dad’s old truck out of the garage. Use it as a wheeled nursery.”

Maria sighed. It could work, but was she even up to it? Where there’s a will there’s a way, Nana had always said, and it matters most where there’s little will with which to find a way.

“A willed nursery…” Maria nodded. “Nana’s way!” 



For Friday Fictioneers

Photo by: © Jan Wayne Fields

41 thoughts on “Nana’s Will

    • Ain’t that so, Linda!? Being stunned into inaction and too dispirited to start afresh are understandable reactions to crisis, but getting some motion restored usually feels better. Even in a small way. A wheeled nursery can be a start. But a start matters. …

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  1. Na’ama Y’karah,

    Baruch Haba’ah! It’s great to have you back in the FFFold! I’ve heard it said that attitude determines altitude. I’d say these folks are bound to fly high. Love the word play in this.



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    • Thanks, Rochelle! It is nice to be ‘back’ – though not all the weeks I was ‘away’ I was actually away, it did become a stretch of weeks I could not participate in the way I’d have liked to. It’s nice to be back in the sway.
      And, yes, I think they’ll do well rebuilding their lives – they got each other, and they got wheels and they got the will! 🙂


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