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They told her to not

Make waves.

That to speak out is


And that it is



And goes against the word of


As interpreted by


Who see it as their duty




They told her to be meek.

To atone

For the sins



She stood.



As the Goddess made her.






For Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt: Provocative in 62 words


18 thoughts on “Herself

    • Amen. Thanks, Bill.
      It is fascinating to me how many are terrified of ending the (supposedly religiously justified) oppression of women and girls. It says little about the women and girls and a lot about the men who try to mandate it.

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      • There are many women who grow up believing that they should be objectified and dominated by men. Sadly, there are many who had been indoctrinated that to do otherwise is to betray God’s word (as taught by domineering men and subjugated women, but that’s a whole other issue), and thus immoral. So, they confuse morality with passivity and try to gain acceptance by ‘advocating’ for women NOT having equal rights. For many, to say anything different is to face reprisals, shunning, and possibly even danger (in some communities). It is safer to conform when one does not believe one will be protected. Sad, eh?

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      • Yes. It is sad.
        I read much about women who are lied to about the ERA by other women. And that is just for the secular crowd. Add religion and everything is worse for everyone. “Religion poisons everything.”

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    • Thanks, Michael. The reality of history, especially in the monotheistic religions, is that men held a monopoly over interpretation, rules, power, authority, and enforcement of supposed religious rules in the hierarchy that worked for them, and was formulated to maintain submission by women and girls. It is less about the word of God and a lot more about the word those in power forced others to believe, often under pain of death and suffering, to be supposed word of God. So, yeah, sad.


      • Indeed! It is not the faith that’s the issue – people can believe whatever they want, and it is all good if it feeds their soul and provides them a sense of tradition and community. However … the use of religion as a whip, cudgel and a supposedly righteous tool for domination, control, and intimidation is abhorrent to me. That’s not a version of ‘God’ I can or will worship.


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