Not Having A Ball


“I found it!”

Minerva sighed. She never did do well on conveyances. “Found what?” she mouthed, careful to not move her head.

“The perfect place!”

Minerva attempted to open her eyes, but the world whizzing by, combined with her daughter’s bouncing on the seat while turned in the opposite direction to the train’s travel, was too much. She clamped her eyes shut and groaned.

“Mom! Just look! We’ll pass it!”

One eye. A blur. Space under an overhang. Speeding rails.

“For what?”

“For the ball!” Swinging arms. “Can’t you just see us waltzing?!”

The bag! Where was the barf bag?!!!




For Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers

Photo prompt: © J Hardy Carroll 



47 thoughts on “Not Having A Ball

  1. Let’s just say I can only feel bad for those who suffer from motion sickness – and I know quite a few. As I’ve gotten older, I no longer can enjoy the rides that spin at amusement parks – amazing how that changed. Thankfully, boats and cars and trains, etc. are not an issue.
    Excellent capture of one who suffers – based on personal experience?

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      • Yeah, I’m not THAT bad that I can’t enjoy the trip, but I am also not one of those who can navigate for the driver while peering at their phone during the ride … Fortunately I am also not one of those who needs a barf bag, but I don’t like the feeling of queasiness that can accompany trying to read/write/watch a screen while in the car. So I don’t. 🙂
        I know people who get VERY carsick, to the extent described in the little story, but I’m not that miserable. Also, trains and subways are cool with my vestibular system, and I’ve done fine on planes overall. So, can’t REALLY claim full on misery. 😀

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  2. Na’ama Y’karah,

    I feel for Minerva. Although I’ve never been one to suffer motion sickness…at least not very often. I can usually read or draw in a moving vehicle. The most memorable case I had was at Cony Island in 1999 after riding the Tilt A Whirl for 20 minutes…maybe it was 10 😉 But a long one. The operator wanted to give everyone their money’s worth. It used to be my favorite amusement park ride. Emphasis on “used to be.”
    Enough of my all-about-me comment. Your story is vivid and well constructed as always.



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    • Thank you, Rochelle! 🙂 My motion sickness isn’t debilitating for the most part (though I know some people for whom it can be), but there are some things that make me feel icky and I figure, no reason to feel icky when there’s perfectly good view outside the window … Or someone interesting to talk to. Or music to listen to. Or a nap to catch. I just can’t read or write or look at a screen while en route. Trains and planes are fine, for some reason. Go figure!


  3. Been there! Last time we flew, child 2 and I were practicing deep breathing to control our stomachs, child 1 was in between with a constant stream of questions and movement.


    • Oy, Yeah, I know how that works. My sister would hurl almost every trip when she was little. One of her kids is the same. I am not quite that sensitive but I can get queasy still if I travel facing back, especially if I try to turn around too much.

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